Hi, I’m Desiree!

And this is Jessica!

We are BFFs who have known each other since attending Oral Roberts University. Jessica is on the verge of graduating from Florida Coastal School of Law while I (Desiree) am an authoress, writing consultant, and wedding stylist blogger. We love Jesus—and food.

Founders Collage

If you attend church like we do, you know what happens every January. That’s right, consecration! And by consecration (which is actually a lifestyle) we mean fasting.

Well during this year, I (Desiree) started noticing top names in the food industry such as Wolfgang Puck and others tweeting and Facebooking fast-worthy food such as yummy soups and phenomenal meatless dishes. I also saw other Christian friends and pastors instagraming pictures of their own homemade meals.

So one Sunday afternoon, Jess and I were talking on the phone and she was telling me about this awesome dish she’d just made for her own fast and I stopped her right there.

“Jess!” I exclaimed.

“What!” she said.

“You just gave me a really great idea!”

And now we have Fasting for Foodies! We’re making fasting wholesome and fashionable, one step at a time!

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We can’t wait to connect with you!

Desiree & Jessica, xx


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